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I'm currently have a problem with my 5870 pcs+. When playing games sometimes the screen just flickers all of a sudden. In some cases the screen just freezes and my screen shows lots of weird colours. If I'm lucky, the thing just resets and I can go back to play, but it usually doesn't and I am forced to restart my computer. I have a 650w corsair psu, amd phenom 945, my 5870 is overclocked, but it's a factory oc, running at 875/1225 I belive. What could I do to fix this?

ps: drivers don't seem to fix this issue since I've downloaded new driver releases all the time but I still keep getting this issue. I would also like to mention that this has happened like right after I started up a game, which would exclude it from being an overheating issue, or?
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  1. have you tried with the driver inside CD which came with the card?
    Or try to lowering your speed, 850/1200 perhaps, see whether the flickers are still exist or not... :)
  2. I tried inserting the cd and installing those drivers now, which didn't work, I didn't uninstall the drivers I currently have, do I have to do that? I got the screen freeze after some hour of gaming. I'll try lowering the speed eventually. I'd also like to mention that the freeze usually occurs after some time of flickering, etc
  3. It might be fixed now, haven't been able to play for that long. I was playing world of warcraft for at least 1 hour and there was no flickering ocurring. What I did was just getting everything that had to do with ati out of my computer and installed drivers from CD.
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