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Hi guys,

I hope someone can help me with my problem. I'm trying to connect a TV to my GIGABYTE Radeon 9550 graphics card.

After installing the card it seems to pick up a normal monitor when I plug one into its VGA port, however when I also connect a TV to its TV out port it doesn't seem to pick up the TV at all for some reason. I then tried disconnecting the monitor and then leaving the TV connected to the card alone as the only display to see what happens but still nothing happened, it doesn't pick up the TV. By the way yes I did check the cabling and its all correct and properly connected.

Another thing that about the Radeon 9550 is, when you go to Device Manager to look at its drivers ect, it shows it as 2 graphics cards and not 1. It says Radeon 9550 and the other says Radeon 9550 Secondary. Why does it show 2 and whats the secondary for? Maybe this could be the reason why it doesn't pick the TV. Other Graphics cards usually just appear as 1 in the Device Manager unless you really do have 2 graphics cards installed on the pc at that time (SLI action).

I would appreciate any possible solutions to this problem and suggestions to what could be the cause. Thanks in advance.
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  1. What kind of TV are you trying to connect and what connector are you using?

    Don't worry about the secondary 9550 showing in your device manager. From what I remember from those cards, think of it as hyperthreading for a pentium IV cpu. You don't have two cards in the system (obviously) but you have a software mode secondary processing unit for a little boost. I know my 9600XT I used forever had that and I think its the same as the 9550.
  2. Have you enabled second monitor, in this case monitor type TV, in properties for your display adapter?
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