Dell Deminsion 2400 Upgrade Questions

My biggest question is what is the fastest/most powerful CPU I can put into this motherboard?

Second question is, basiclaly the same as above, except RAM.

I'm trying to help my younger sister upgrade her computer, I don't have access to the machine in order to open it & get any thing extremly specific. I know the RAM was switched from it's 512MB stick to a GB stick. BUt that's all I know, everything else should be the same as how it ships from Dell.

I am able to "remote control" the computer, so if you need any information that I didn't list but able to get by remoting into it, let me know.

Obviously there is a budget, unfortunately I don't know what that is. I haven't asked them and just trying to see what the ballpark price will be so I can let her know that way.
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  1. Here is the system information
    I would not spend any money on upgrade instead save money for a new modern system.
  2. Where can I get an XP machine that's decent?

    Yes, i t needs to have Windows XP. She already has one with Vista & 7, but needs one with XP for work.
  3. What kind of work? Regular office work, the Dell is not too bad for that.
  4. I'm not 100% sure, she deals with online work, she takes phone calls through her computer. Telemarketing type work, but I think she takes inbound calls.
  5. The Dell should handle that fine as is maybe increase the ram to the max 2GB.
  6. It's too old to be LGA 775, so upgrading the CPU is essentially impossible, because the availability of such old parts is essentially none.
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