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Hey all im a new user to toms but was just wondering if i could get some help at building my new pc.

For starters i already have my power supply,reason being is mine died not long ago and i bought a new one and i also have 3 hdd's so i dont need those either,so here is what im looking at so far.

PSU - Enermax Revolution 85+ 850w
CPU - Intel Corei7 930
MOBO - Either Gigabyte LGA1366, X58, 6DDR3, FSB2000 or Asus LGA1366, X58, 6DDR3, FSB1800(OC) Rampage 2 Xtreme
GPU - ATI EAH5870 V2 PCI-E 2.1 1GB 256-bit GDDR5, 850/4800 MHz
RAM - 6GB (3x 2GB) PC-12800 (1600MHz)
CASE - Either a HAF X 942 or Thermaltake Armor+

Any help on what to choose or any sugestions owuld be great thnx.
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  1. Youd be better off with two GTX460's in SLI - unless you plan on using eyefinity for all of its ability
  2. Thnx for the info but other then that which case/mobo and is all the a good combo for a gaming unit?
  3. indeed 460 sli is legendary. I feel the prices will shoot up though once people realise it's potential.

    An overclocked 470 will only be marginally better than an OC'd 460.

    trust me it's the bang for buck on the market today
  4. i would go with gigabyte UD3R won toms award for best value. .has alot of features for less than the asus brand. However they are both good boards..

    ditch the enermax PSU and get an quality brand. I use the OCZ stealth xtreme 700watt unit. and I don't experience the whine that some ppl experience with dif brands and models.

    for ram I am partial to the mushkin redline enhanced as it fits under my noctua D-14
    and has awesome timings at 6-8-6-24 at 1T(N) running 1600Mhz

    if you are overclocking, I would strongly recommend an aftermarket heatsink
  5. Quote:

    ditch the enermax PSU and get an quality brand.


  6. actually I was referring to the the price.. you can get a top quality PSU without spending 300 dollars I realize I should have explained that in my previous post lol
  7. If u read what i said at the top i already own the PSU got it a few weeks ago lol
  8. yes I did read it.. and somehow i missed the little part but got everything else.. lol

    Still I would not have paid that much for a PSU. not to mention it is overkill for even 2 5870's in an overclocked machine. however the ud3r with the 930 are both good choices.. same combo i have. ud3r got an award on toms
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