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Hello, Just a comment on OCZ harddrives. Don't buy them. My RAID5 went down again and again. I have been trying to get an RMA on a bad drive for the past month. All I get is the run around and no satisfaction.
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    I didn't know that OCZ even made hard drives, only SSDs.

    And why would you want to RAID 5 SSDs?

    The last RMA I had to OCZ several years ago took a few minutes and was quickly resolved.
  2. I've had to Rma several of their Solid State Drives and their process has been promp and everything was resolved very quickly on all accounts.
    I can't say that I love their products as I've had more failed Soild State drives from OCZ, but I can attest that they stood behind their 3 / 5 year warranties on their products.
  3. Thanks for the replys.

    First, a hard drive does not necessarily have to have spinning media. An SSD is a hard drive. (See definition below) Second, SSDs dye like spinning media. Therefore, RAID 5 is still necessary.

    OCZ finally started the RMA process on the dying drive.
    RMA request started on 07/09/12.
    The RMA OK came in on 09/28/12.
    Today is 10/6/12. I haven't received the replacement drive yet!

    A residence without a computer for 3 months is one thing. A business without is a completely different matter. Thanks to RAID 5 I am still the network administrator for this company! (By the way, when this drive failed, it stopped the computer completely. I had to remove this drive and power off the system. The RAID recovered to the "HOT" spare on reboot. Something is wrong, it should not have brought down the system on failure.)

    The RMA came in no small part to opinions like in this blog. I'm not happy, but I beleive I will receive satisfaction.

    A hard disk drive (HDD; also hard drive, hard disk, or disk drive)[2] is a device for storing and retrieving digital information. Hard drives are classified as non-volatile, random-access, digital, magnetic, data storage devices. Introduced by IBM in 1956...
  4. I would not be at all happy with an adapter that didn't automatically start a rebuild with the hot spare, but then again now that you make clear it is a mission critical machine, I would never be using OCZ SSDs to begin with, their reliability is simply too low for such use at any RAID level.
  5. I know that now!... :bounce: The adaptor is an Adaptec 6805 which I use at several hundred businesses. They have always been very reliable. So there is something going on with the relationship between the Vertex 3 and the Adaptec 6805... The other OCZ drives in this Raid have been good so far, so I'm not sure it's the whole line, just this one drive.

    Anyhow, I finally received the RMA drive and will go down tomorrow to swap it out. Wish me luck :wahoo: ...
  6. Quite surprising for that adapter, never had any of them fail to rebuild on a hot spare immediately.

    Good luck, hopefully the other drives will hold up better.
  7. how long did it take for the RMA?

    Which specific drives are you using?

    being honest 1 drive dying on an array is not a cause to avoid OCZ drives...why did you not come to the ocz forum and let the online staff push the RMA for you?

    we are here to help...all you need do is ask us to help ;)
  8. 3 Months Exactly.


    Sorry, I guess I thought contacting Support and the RMA department several times would be enough. I'll remember to get on the OCZ forum next time.

    Thank you all for you help!
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