Ati 4350 vs geforce 7600gs

Hi there guys.

Im trying to get a old pc setup to use in the lounge as a media station, unfortunately its got a agp slot so i have only 2 options for graphics cards. Which do you think would be the better option?

The PC spec is this...
AMD 2600+
512MB DDR 400, might upgrade this to 1GB

The cards i have available here are a Nvidia 7300GT 512MB DDR2 or a ATI 4350 512MB DDR3 64bit, i dont know the bit rate of the Nvidia 7300GT. Also i have a Nvidia 7600GS in another machine here, how would that compare?

My though process here is that the 7600GS is in a machine we use when friends come round for gaming, how will the other 2 card options compare to that, then maybe the fastest of the 3 options can go in the game machine and the 2nd fastest in the media machine.

If you could please give me a rough idea what the performance of these cards are that would be great. Thanks a million.

So its between these...
Nividia 7300GT 512MB DDR2
ATI 4350 512MB DDR3 64bit
Nvidia 7600GS.

All cards are AGP.

Many thanks,
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