Worth upgrading my 4870x2?

I was eyeing the 5870 and 5970 but according to gpureview comparisons they aren't too much faster than my 4870x2.

Besides DX11, are there any other reasons to upgrade? Or will I not really notice any differences?
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  1. The 5870 is actually a tiny bit slower than your 4870x2 for the most part, a 5970 would be a significant upgrade but it would also be an expensive one. Are there games that you cant run as well as you wish you could? If not then its not worth changing cards just for DX11.
  2. The HD5970 would be ~Above 40% of an upgrade from your 4870x2. Ultimately it's not worth it, as you're paying a lot per performance point, approximately $15 per 1%.
  3. The only reason for you to upgrade would be an Eyefinity setup.
  4. There are no games that I can't play at max spec yet, but I did want to go DX11 for the newest stuff in case there's a game that comes out that I'd like to play.

    I didn't realize the 5870 was a little slower... wonder how it could compare in Crossfire?

    The 5970 would be great but dropping $700 on a card sure is a lot! I guess I could still get ~$200 for my 4870x2 so that helps.

    I only run one monitor so no need for the eyefinity stuff.
  5. An HD5870 crossfire will get you about 60%+ performance than your HD4870x2. Depends on what games support crossfire.
  6. Hmm, well I play Crysis, Far Cry2, Fallout 3, etc. Any of those FPS games that don't require a whole lot of thinking haha
  7. Well i had a 4870X2 before and when i sold it(because of problems),i got a 5970 as a replacement,because 1 5870 performs pretty much like a 4870X2.
    Here are my thoughts
    5970 is about 30-40% faster, also runs cooler,quieter, and has less power consumption; furthermore, it packs newer techs such as DX11,eyefinity too.
  8. Aaron- I wouldn't upgrade. Not for a while at least. You have plenty enough horsepower to play the games you want. Crysis isn't a fair evaluation of that fact.

    I have a 5970, and its overkill for most games that I play, but I wanted to have something that I would use for a long time, and it met that expectation. Thats what your X2 will do for you. I'd wait until the next gen of cards (IMO).
  9. you should only upgrade if you want DX11 or if you're loaded And anyway you've got a great card even by today's standard as you can see in this Hierarchy

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card-geforce-radeon,2646-7.html :)
  10. keep your card...end of story.....
  11. I'd wait for the 6000 cards unless you'd want Dx11.
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