Help upgrading from Celeron 723


I'm in need of some advice on upgrading my acer timeline 5410.

currently it has a celeron 723 (1.2GHz, 800MHz) Socket P 478

The Laptop obviously isnt built to run anything that requires a lot of power, but i would like to upgrade the procesor to allow it to be a bit more useful.

what is it that would determine what i can and cannot upgrade to?

could i get a core 2 due in the laptop or would i have to settle for a Pentium4?

here are two that i have looked at...

Both are for laptops and both are socket P, one is 800Mhz and one is 533MHz

any help would be much appreciated
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  1. You can compare all CPUs here:

    You can search for the CPU to buy here:

    from what I see it would not be worth spending the time.
  2. thank you for that.

    am i right in saying that everything that is compared with the celeron 478 is compatible?
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