Review / Feedback on a PC for gaming ($2000-2500)

Hey, i am looking to purchase the parts to make myself a gaming pc within the next week or two, for games such as BattleField2 and StarCraft2.

There are a few parts i have selected which are a bit overkill, such as the case (thinking of playing with liquid cooling sometime soon) and the PSU, if i decide to go to the 5970 GPU in the future.

• CPU – Intel Core i7-930 - $352
o ISGC 400 for CPU Heatsink at $65
o Arctic Silver 5 12gram Thermal Compound - $19

• Motherboard – Asus P6X58D-E- $279

• RAM – 6G Kit ddr3 G.Skill-Trident (2000)- $245

• GPU - 1GB 5870 Asus - $493

• Case – Thermaltake Armor + - $195

• Disk Drive - SATA Samsung - $25

• PSU –ToughPower XT 875 – 194

• HDD - WD SATA 1TBx2 - $80ea, setup in Raid0

Could you please give me some feedback on the system and if i should run any extra fans such as fans for memory/gpu.

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  1. What are you planning to use this for? You could go quite a lot cheaper if you do not need a higher end PC.

    Fill out the budget template at the top of the forum first please.
  2. ok let's begin.

    I despise that case. It's ugly and it's thermaltake. How about this

    The GPU is a nightmare. If you intend on replacing your gpu in the future anyways get 460sli and overclock it will go 80+percent faster than a normal 5870. Don't know about the asus.

    Where did you see that board for that price? It's far to much for that board

    The ram is very overkill this is much more reasonable

    Get an corsair 850hx the toughpower series are to expensive

    And that cooler is very weak and for that price it's a ver very bad buy.

    And lastly I don't reccomend upgrading to a 5970. 5970s are bad buys in general. You pay 680-700 for 550-600 worth of performance. IMO get the 460 sli it'll take you a long way. And if it ever needs be replaced you can see what the market offers then.
  3. Quote:

    The GPU is a nightmare.


    If you intend on replacing your gpu in the future anyways get 460sli and overclock it will go 80+percent faster than a normal 5870.

    Looking at the prices he's put up, I'm guessing the 1 GB 460 will cost him atleast around $275, putting sli at $550, well in excess of the single 5870 (which anyway will give him playable frame rates @ high resolutions).
    Anyway in the future he could always get a second 5870 & go crossfire (which would negate the need to get the 5970).

    • Motherboard – Asus P6X58D-E- $279

    Instead of that, go for the Gigabyte GA X58 UD3R
  4. I wonder why I said it was a nightmare. Seems like abit of an overreaction lol.

    yeah agreed but he seems to want to upgrade to a powerful single card later on. In that case the best bang for buck by miles is 460 sli even if that would mean having to get the 0.7gb edition. If he considers adding later on I'd reccomend 470s. 5870 perform on par with or below 470 sli due to the bad scaling. And 470s is quite a lot cheaper.

    If he just wants a single card then a 5870 would be good.

    Agreed on the ud3r
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