4870X2 10.5 Driver Issue


Making this thread because I have a serious issue with the latest drivers, 10.5. When I install these drivers, whenever I open a game, black dots appear everywhere. It's not game-specific either, it appears in any game.

The dots aren't constant. They change place with every frame. As you can see in this link below here, there's just one dot available. But I get between 40-60~ FPS, and there's a dot for just about every frame (which in turn makes the screen look very, very messy).


Any way to fix this? I've tried adjusting options and whatnot in CCC and so forth, but nothing seem to fix this. If I revert back to 10.4, this issue disappears along with the driver change. But obviously, I'm making this post because that's not really an option for me right now, as anything below 10.5 lags a game I intend to play upon release (All Points Bulletin).

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Did you do a clean install of 10.5 drivers ? here is how
    1_Download and install "Driver sweeper" from Guru3d.com and install
    2_Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the driver and reboot
    3_Boot to safe mode and open driver sweeper,then click on ATI and then click on clean
    4_Reboot and boot normally to windows and install the new drivers after that you need to restart,and its done
  2. Did so now, and the issue only got worse, appearently.


    See the way the CCC window looks? The entire screen looked that way for a moment. And when I open new windows, they're cluttered in those odd colours.
  3. No. But it doesn't solve my issue, according to what it's supposed to fix. (Or, well, technicly, it solves one of them, but the load times ain't really that big of a concern to me).

    I've swapped back to 10.4, and it runs smoothly once again, even though APB still refuses to cooperate; rather that than a generally unstable system. I'll wait for 10.6. Hopefully that'll fix my issues.

    Cheers for the help, either ways.
  4. Well many users reported that 10.5 hotfix solved some problems aside from the loading times,but its OK,stick with 10.4 for now and let's hope 10.6 would be a good driver for you.
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