Is this power supply sufficient for 470 sli

Is this cosair 750tx

sufficient for dual 470s in SLI? It says it is on the sli ready website,

however for like 30 or 40 more i can get the xfx 850 black edition

dont know if that would just be unnecessary overkill. that being said the 850 is very well reviewed, and its modular. with the ram combo its actually cheaper than the xfx 750, but still like 30 more than the corsair 750 and ram combo
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  1. eeermmm-it should be fine but i would say go with an 850 just to b sure
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    A pair of GTX470's need about 28 - 30 amps. Figure another 10 amps for the CPU. That's about 480 watts. Figuring two hard drives and an optical, along with the motherboard and RAM, I estimate (high side) a total power consumption of 600 - 650 watts.

    A Corsair 750TX would be enough. I'd put in an 850 watt PSU if it were my system though.
  3. yeah. might as well spring for the nice xfx black ed 850. this is a sweet combo anyway.
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