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Dell Inspiron Laptop. Behaving erratically, shutdown failed etc. Ran diagnostics, pointed to failed HDD. Question is, can I copy the Recovery Partition, (14.6Gb) to another HDD and expect F11 to work and restore Factory settings? Machine running OK since I did chkdsk /f /r so drive not desperately bad yet.
Edit - have a complete set of Recovery disks, so not stuck, but unsure if the Recovery Partition is included...
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  1. If the recovery disk are from Dell they very likely rebuilt the service partition, and then the service partition would be used to reload everything. That's generally how those disk work.

    I wouldn't bother trying to salvage a recovery partition from a known bad drive if you have good recovery disk.
  2. Recovery disks are the ones created on purchase, so probably just a system image. Dell have agreed to send to a new HDD and an OEM disk, so I'll see what that entails. it's a machine i procured for Neighbours, so would like to include the Factory Restore option for them, but if necessary they can do without...
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    Hi there,

    I have read that the hidden OEM partitions don't clone over to new HDD's. However, I'm not 100% convinced, since a clone should copy everything, bit by bit from here to there. The recovery partitions are nice. With a couple clicks you have a factory new system.

    Also, in reviewing how Sansumg uses Ghost to individually clone over the ESP, MSR, and C Partitions in separate steps to their new SSD's unless the OEM partition is completely hidden, you should be able to indvidually clone it over also. Possibly you might have to "unhide" an OEM partition first using Diskpart before you can see it.
  4. Windows Disk Manager can 'see' it, so there's hope... I'll give it a try with the various cloning devices and report back. I also found this which may be of use
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  6. New HDD took a week to arrive, and as I had to return the defective one I had no time to experiment...
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