Case swap - who can tell me what I am missing?

Hey all.

Apart from skills and know-how, I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me what I haven't done so far on this case swap. I haven't swapped a case before, or set up my own hardware (for some reason I guess I thought I should know how to do it seeing as I know software.. but yeah.).

I have my graphics card, sound card and wifi card installed OK, and I've fitted a new processor without any trouble. I think I've just taken poor notes in transferring it. Now, I have a bunch of cables coming from the front of my case (labelled power/led etc) so I guess they should go into the red-ish pins visible in photo 4? I'm not sure which way to orientate them, however. Also, the new case has an extra fan at the front - which has a 3 pin lead coming off it, I can't see anywhere to put that.

I have two cables coming from the HDD to the board, I swear there were 3 before.. I haven't moved the optical drive yet.

So I shouldn't have done it on my own, and I'm now in a bit of a mess. Help!

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  1. Looks like the black header on the left in photo 4 is the Front Panel Header, the connector locations ( PWR_SW, PWR_LED, IDE_LED, etc. ) are silkscreened on the PCB.
    The red header is for Firewire.
    Should only be 2 cables from the HD, power and data.
  2. The white LED wires go to the "-" terminals.

    Also check out:
    Build it yourself:

    And although this primarily a troubleshooting thread, the first part contains a checklist that will catch most noob mistakes:
  3. Supreme, thanks to both of you folks. Sorry I missed the stickies! for you and for myself as well, they were very useful.

    I've one more question:
    I swapped everything over, and there was no video when I turned the machine on. So, I read that sticky, and reread it, went through everything - and found that changing back to my old processor did the trick.

    Now, unfortunately I have this for a mobo:

    which says that it supports core 2 duo E6x00. I currently have a core2duo 2ghz, and the one I bought which I can't get to work is the intel core2 duo e6700 3.2ghz, 1066FSB which the mobo specs above seem to be OK with.

    Is it possible that the problem I'm having could be because my bios needs updating to support the new processor?

    I'm running revision 5.17 and I see version 5.23

    though I'm not even sure if that will do my board because there's so many versions of the p5lp-le (mine is leonite2). To add to the trouble, I can't even try the bios update - I'm running win7 and it says it will only run in vista (tried it anyway, doesn't work).


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