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So a few months back I built my first pc, it is in a FT02 case with minimal stuff inside (i7 930 [air cooled with a megahelem in push/pull], P6X58D Premium MoBo, Corsair HX750 PSU, single Asus 5850, 6 GB of corsair dominator RAM, Single optical drive and a Intel X25 SSD [boot]+Caviar Black 1TB[storage]).

So, since I have so many optical bays free, I was thinking of doing some minimal coolness factor plus weekend project of maybe adding some sort of a front LCD. I don't mean one of those fan speed things, i have no need for that but something better (what can I see I still remember the first time I saw that limited edition VooDoo PC, the last one they did).

How feasible is it considering I never did anything like that and building a basic rig like mine was relatively simple since i did my homework ahead of time on parts?

Any guides out there to do so?

In the end it is not a must but I have been entertaining the idea of light modding and just to see if i can expand my knowledge base on stuff like this. Thanks for any input!
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