Xp laptop will not load Brother drivers over Win 7 network


Just finished building a Windows 7 64 bit computer. I own a windows 7 64 bit laptop and my wife owns an xp sp3 laptop. We use a Brother MFC420cn printer.

I like the printer for several reasons BUT I cannot get my wife's laptop to print from it over out wireless network.

The printer is attached via USB to the W7 PC. The W7 laptop found the network and printer and necessary drivers immediately if not sooner. I changed the settings on the PC from "Home Network" to "Work Network" and now the XP can see the PC AND the printer.....BUT.....when I try to add the printer to the XP I finally end up at a window asking for the proper drivers, specifically an .INF file.

I've worked hours, download stuff from Brother, etc etc to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Since you have a network enabled printer, why don't you just connect it to the router with a network cable and then install the software on each computer?
  2. Excellent question...

    Tried that. For some reason the drivers that are installed during a USB hookup don't work over the network. The documentation on the Win7 driver is
    Unidrv.drv. I looked it up and its some sort of universal driver. That makes sense considering.

    I have tried installing the drivers from the disk, the Brother website, etc etc.

    There is one piece of this puzzle that I'm missing.

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