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Hi guys,

Im in the middle of replacing my motherboard on a packard bell i media pc..... at some point over the weekend it has blown. I have a new board and chip of the same kind on the way and a new psu. I found a small device attached to one of the 4 pin power leads and I wondered if anyone knows what it is.
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  1. Couple of capacitors on a pcb?
    Where did the lead go?
  2. ^my thoughts.
    Can you post a picture of the bottom?
  3. Those are capacitors made by Capxon International Electronic Company Limited in Taiwan. Capxon also has factories in mainland China. Capxon is sometimes referred to as Crapxon because their capacitors are low quality.

    Shenzhen Jiahe Electronics Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of the pcb board that the capacitors are attached to.

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with Packard Bell pc's so I don't know what the component is for. :(
  4. +1
  5. I suspect it is an additional filter on the +12V and +5V lines because the stock PSU sucked; maybe designed to [hopefully] absorb turn-on spikes.
  6. Ahh well there was a major power issue with it, so that might sit.

    Wierd thing is, Ive replace psu,motherboard,processor, ram and disk drive....... keeps cutting out thou...... only things i havent replaced are the fan and case or that little pcb.

    CAnt find camera at the moment, but ill post pic when i can

    Im hoping the cutting out is due to not having the fan on while ive been pratting about with it :)
  7. this new board seems to be doing the exact same thing as the previous one... only item i havent changed is the little item. Anyone know anything about the motherboard.... i found a like for like off ebay

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