HSf problem

I am using a intel q8400 with the intel stock fan. in idle
core 0 = 56 core 1= 49 core 2= 53 core 3 =56

in load

core 0 =61-66 core 1=54 core 2- 59 core 3=62-67

in prime 95 the temp goes up to 72 on 1 core while the other core are <=72

is the load temp good? it is when i am playing just cause 2.

or should i buy a third party hsf

i cannot afford higher end hsf. the one i can go with is cooler master hyper tx3. will i see less temp when i install it

also will tx3 fit in codegenworld qori 3335 cabinet? how about performance of tx3?
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  1. First does your case have any fans installed?
    Your load temps are at there limits, the core 2 duos should not run over 70c, I know your temps aernt that high while playing game but they are close.
    The hyper tx3 is a good choice and it should fit, Your case is 7.165in wide and the tx3 is 5.47in tall so you have a little over an inch and a half to play with, but I highly recommend insalling some good fans. 2 of these will work
  2. I had a 92mm cooler with a top mounted PSU and it fit just fine, with room to spare.
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