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Greetings: Please bear with me if you have heard this before. I have checked around on forums for an answer, all good ones but none have worked.I just built a new computer (details to follow)I was using the onboard graphics until I got around to using a previous Nvidia 9600GT card from last computer. I followed all directions to disable onboard graphic and install, I even unistalled the drivers,confirmed the BIOS settings were correct, all I get is a black screen when I boot. Thinking the card is bad I tried it on another computer and the same thing,sooo it must be the card right? I purchased a EVGA 9800GTX and the same thing happened again! I checked the Device manager and it does not even reconize the hardware.One thing that is interesting is the 9600GT powers up (the fan comes on)but the 9800GTX does not. Lastly I took an old 7600GT card I had laying around and it fired right up. I have run out of ideas! Any help from any of you sharp guys sure would be appreciated.
AMD Phenom II x4 CPU
2 gigs Corsair Extreme ram
Ultra Modular 600 Watt power supply with dedicated 12v rail supplying 37amps
WinXP Pro Service pack 3
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  1. If you are connecting the external power from the PSU to the card, it looks like the 9800GTX is dead.
  2. rolli59 said:
    If you are connecting the external power from the PSU to the card, it looks like the 9800GTX is dead.

    Thanks rolli59

    EVGA seems to agree with you. The card is DOA. There is one more thing they suggested to try and that is to try reinstalling the ram one stick at a time. What the heck, I'll give it a try.
  3. I thought I would give an update to my recent graphics card problem. Just to recap I tried to upgrade my on-board graphics with a Nvidia 9600GT card I had and all I got was a black screen, thinking the card was bad I bought a new Nvidia 9800 GTX and it did not work either. I called EVGA and they said the card was DOA so I sent it back and got another and much to my horror that one didn't work either! After placing the card in both PCI-e slots and still not working I had to conclude the PCI-e slots were not working. So as of today the ASUS MOBO is winging it's way back to the folks at ASUS to replace the PCI-e slots.
    For anyone who cares I will keep you posted.
    P.S. I don't know if this just bad luck or something else but this is the second ASUS board I have had in the last 2 years. The last one lasted just 2 years almost to the day and now this problem. It may be a long time before I buy another ASUS board.

    Peace Out

  4. Then next time you might want to consider Gigabyte or MSI... :)
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