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can any anyone make sense of what might be going on with my pc? here's the story.

at first it was a problem with my internet after installing a new cpu and mobo. for some reason the internet was really slow when not being used in safe mode or when i had any gfx driver installed. two other pc's in the house worked fine always so it was a problem with the machine. it wasn't heat or virus' or anything that you would think of first when troubleshooting. i tried absolutely everything in order to fix it to no avail. then i started eliminating components that were possibly faulty. i started with my gfx card as i thought it was most likely related to that due to the presence of a gfx driver causing the problem. i put another in and the problem did not go away, i put my old one back in and the problem was now gone. i was happy but confused. the problem came back when i switched hard drives and went away after i switched around a few more times between the 2. so it seems that switching components in my pc causes the internet to slowdown. could someone please try to explain what might be happening? im starting to suspect my mobo is the problem coz ive pretty much eliminated everything else, how could i test and see if my mobo is working 100%? if it were faulty i'd be surprised as its only a few months old and a good model.
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  1. im also getting lag in games no matter what drivers. did not happen before i got new mobo and cpu
  2. possibly driver conflicts, you said you put in a new mobo/cpu did you do a fresh install of the os when you replaced them? if nto did you at least wipe the old drivers for the old mobo before installign the new ones?
  3. yes multiple fresh installs, no effect
  4. i think it might be a hardware issue coz ive eliminated just about every other possibility. how would i check if my mobo and cpu are in complete working order? do the problems i am describing sound like possible mobo or cpu issues?
  5. after doing another temp test it seems that my cpu was actually overheating, turning up the fans to full power on my case seems to solve the stuttering problem. id still like to know why changing around hdd's and graphics card's screws up my internet...
  6. Your cpu shouldn't overheat "running the internet".

    Moving components around shouldn't make a heat problem go away, unless your case is so cluttered with stuff that moving something finally let your PC breathe.

    You need to run some stress tests to ensure that you have the problem fixed. This will involve Prime95, Furmark, and CPUID's Hardware Monitor. Download them and get Monitor running. Then run Prime95 for an hour, making sure "Detect rounding errors" is checked, and watch your cpu core temps. Then run Furmark, and watch gpu temps. Then run both, and watch your temps.

    If the PC stays cool until the third run, you are probably OK. Stop any test where cpu temps climb above 70C on their way to 75C.

    Report the temps in each test - its a lot more helpful than "I've tried everything", "it's not a temp problem", etc. It imposes some discipline, too.

    Listing your configuration would help a lot in solving your problem.
  7. +1 for the last post
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