Ways to retrieve data from an external hard drive at home


I dropped my buffalo external hard drive. Now when i plug it in to my computer it doesnt register that its plugged in but the light on the external hard drive still comes on when its plugged in.. It has all my work files on it and i desperately need them as i dont have back up..

Any suggestions on how to retrieve the files beside taking it to a recovery specialist???

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  1. Before you take to someone, I would pop the external enclosure open and verify whether the internal (in the enclosure) HDD data or power connectors were disconnected (even partially) when you dropped it.

    Also, the problem could just be the enclosure and its circuitry. You could transfer the actual HDD into another enclosure or directly into a desktop machine as a secondary HDD.

    Both of these are cheaper than taking to a recovery specialist and they will have to take apart as well.

    Good luck!
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