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unable to remove errors and copy to or from the external HD
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  1. We need to know a little more about your issue.

    What error messages are you getting?

    Have you tried connecting the external HDD to another computer or another USB port?

    Please clarify.
  2. does not sound good.
  3. I copied some old files from old DVD's on to the external drive and then had errors that could not be eliminated and it caused freezing of the computer and many of these files would not open. Tried first to delete but was not possible. At first through Windows was able to apparently eliminate errors but files continued to give trouble. I then again eliminated errors through windows program and later deleted the copied files. However now the HD is apparently corrupt and other files continue to give problems and it is not able anymore to fully eliminate all errors and tried to make a new folder on the HD but says not able to access drive. As a whole now some other files are not opening, so seems it is corrupted.
  4. Have you run anti-virus and malware scans of the drive? Or, does that fail?
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