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Windows 8 repeating disk error! The IO operation at logical block...

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January 4, 2013 7:51:22 PM

Hello, I've been deeply troubled by this problem of windows 8. It seems that one of my hard drive will randomly hang under windows 8. Resulting in 30 seconds of 100% hard drive activity, but 0 I/O operation. Every time this happens, two entries gets entered into the event log:

The IO operation at logical block address 10f1bc60 for Disk 2 was retried.
Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

I'm running 3 hard drives in my system, Samsung 840 SSD, WD1001FALS, and WD1002FAEX(The one giving me problem). I use the drive as a drive for games and large programs. It would happen multiple times during a 10 minute GTA IV game play, and I want to say it's happening more frequently than when it was first discovered. I have ran both chkdsk and WD's diagnostic tool, both returned with 0 problem with the drive, and SMART value is all perfect.

After reading online, some people point to a driver issue, and recommends installing Intel's driver instead, and that solved the problem for many. But the problem is I have an AMD based system, with Phenom II 965 and 790FX chipset(Yes, it's on the older side), so intel driver obviously does not work. So I figured maybe AMD driver will help, but I have heard multiple times that AMD chipset drivers does NOT support TRIM for SSD drives, but i'm not sure if the infomation is current(Windows will show it's fine, but no TRIM command will actually be passed), since my system drive is a SSD, without TRIM the write amplification would be much greater and reducing the life of the drive, not to mention I notice a significant I/O speed drop from the SSD after I switch to AMD chipset driver. The other solution I found is enabling hotswap. Now from what I'm reading people are doing this on UEFI bios, I haven't been able to find an option for hotswap in my old fashioned bios. (ASUS M4a79T deluxe motherboard).

So does any one know how to solve this problem for AMD based platform? Or if the latest AMD chipset will actually work with TRIM? (Rev. 12.10)
This is the only AMD system I ever built, and is the only AMD system I ever used in my entire life, been using Intel + Nvidia all the time, only got it because it only costed me 350 bucks for the entire system, after seeing the problem AMD platform is giving me and the crappy performance from AMD CPU compared to Intel, this will be my last AMD system for sure... But saving for upgrade will take time and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could assist me with this problem.

EDIT: Now i'm running the AMD SATA driver, although I/O speed is reduced, all seems well atm...hope it will last. Can anyone give some positive confirmation that the chipset driver version 12.10 give TRIM support under windows 8? If it does I might be able to live with the slower speed until i get a new build

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January 4, 2013 9:33:20 PM

Trimm should be native in widows 8 as support for ssd based drive solutions to reduce the wear on the Nand flash inside the drive. I take it the ssd natively supports Trim in its working specs. How do you have the drives set up, I presuming the ssd is the working os boot drive, And the two Hd`s are part of the raid array. Mixing a ssd with a Hd is always a bad idea btw due to the trim of an ssd drive. It may just the way the drives are mixed.
even in the old days of HD drives mixing some brands caused all sorts of strange goings on, had something to do with the chip controllers of each Hd not playing ball with each other. It may be a case of holding on for a better more optimized driver. But with the chip set of the board you may be in a grey area when finding a windows 8 driver for 790FX chipset board.