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Temperatures on AMD 720 BE

I unpacked my desktop after a couple of weeks trip. It fired up normally but crashed after 10 minutes or so. Since I had a laptop that was overheating, I thought maybe this desktop had heat problems also. All of the temperature sensing programs show that the CPU is running at 60-80 degrees C, and this with just Rome Total War running. All of the fans seem to be working normally. I've removed the side panels of my case and directed a house fan at the CPU and it was still running 60-70C.

Is this running too hot and if so what should I do to troubleshoot the situation?

AMD 720 BE - not overclocked, standard CPU fan, never was able to unlock the 4th core
Biostar TA790 variant
HIS 4850
WD 640GB drive
4 GB memory
Lian Li case
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    it should not be that hot, check your CPU HSF & case fans. make sure the fans are running and the heat sink is properly seated. check your GPU temps and fan also

    re-seat the HSF with new thermal paste if needed
  2. +1. System I built with x3 710 would not even hit those temps under a stress test on stock air.
  3. I think that this is something new. It customarily ran at about 40C as I remember, at least before the trip.
  4. Problem solved by defuzzing/dedusting the heatsink and fan. Temperatures now around 40C. Thanks to all.
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