Need help picking cheap mobo for AMD 64 x2 4600+ ( AM2+(940))

Hi all,

I have about £40/50 to spend on upgrading my motherboard (one of my two DIMM slots have broke) so I would prefer to have a mobo with 4 slots if possible and for DDR2 RAM.

I am also going to need a new PSU and GFX card, my total is 110.

If someone could aid me in getting a cheap mobo I would really appreciate the help. I have been out the loop for awhile and don't know whats good for the money. I can't really afford a full upgrade (and my games are starting to see some unstable fps) so this will have to last for just a year maybe.

All the best,

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  1. ...and I thought I was cheap!

    (you did not specify form factor) MB: ASRock A770DE+ AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX
    Newegg has no AMD boards with 4 DIMMS @ DDR2, in mATX.

    PSU: (Stunning price if you buy it before tomorrow!
    Antec Basiq BP430 430W Continuous Power ATX12V Version 2.2 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply

    GPU?? Uhhh, too many variables. Need more info. What do you do with your PC?
  2. Thanks for a lively reply :)

    I'm just finishing university in the next month or two, loans finished, overdrafts dieing, repayment looming. So unfortunately :( I can't make a dream rig at the moment, but It will be high on the list once jobsville hits home.

    Its Amd x64 x2 4600+ AM2+(940)

    My current board = Asus M2N-MX SE

    My current gfx card: x1950 GT radeon

    Current PSU: 350w ATX jeatek.

    By the way, I'm in England so its GBP (Great British Pounds) not dollers if that helps. And I play PC games (and do work).

    thanks for your help,

  3. What about this combo for under £105

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 5450 1024MB DDR2 PCI-Express Graphics Card £37.99
    Coolermaster Elite Power 500W Power Supply £34.99
    MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 GeForce 6150SE (Socket AM2+) DDR2 Motherboard £30.00
  4. I guess I am confused. You are probably hinting to me and I am not getting it;
    You have a good GPU....but you want another one?

    Your PSU is still working well?
    The PSU I recommended is less money than the one in the combo...., you just need a MB????
  5. No I want to upgrade my motherboard, my graphics card and my power supply. But I don't know what stuff is best for my money.
  6. Well, my friend, then I regret can offer no more help. I am sticking with my PSU and mobo recommendations.
    And, the GPU you have is very good. I could not replace it with anything even close to your budget.
    Sorry that is the best I can do :)
  7. my x1950 gt is not that good, do you think the 3 items I suggested above will be a better upgrade?
  8. My current motherboard is: Asus M2N-MX SE (AM2 socket). I can only have a maximum of 1gb ram on this motherboard because a slot on the motherboard for RAM has broken.

    So I definitely need a new motherboard. I'm not very keen on onboard graphics to be honest.

    Wouldn't it be more efficient to just get a cheap mobo / gfx and psu (For under 110) to give the overall system a boost. Rather than getting a ok motherboard and a better processor, leaving the graphics card unchanged and the 350w (terrible) PSU still in the computer?

    What about this Mosox? It allows AM2+ / AM3 , so my AM2 4600+ will work in this while allowing me space to upgrade to AM3 in the future, yet allowing me money now for a better graphics card (than the x1950 gt) and a better PSU than the 350w jeantek now?
  10. bgriffin said:
    Wouldn't it be more efficient to just get a cheap mobo / gfx and psu (For under 110) to give the overall system a boost.
    No, I don't believe it would. That is the difficulty with satisfying your perceived needs. For now just get a motherboard - the one I recommended would suit well - and build from there.
  11. I don't understand why not?

    I would have twice as much RAM, a PSU that can actually support a graphics card for my games (this is what I am concerned about) and then a much better graphics card than the one I currently have.

    At the moment games are playable, but just barely, I feel upgrading these 3 items would give me the extra boost needed to play the games I play for at least another year. By that time I will probably just build a whole new, high-spec rig, most of these components would be useless anyway so I don't know if I can justify 60/70 for the motherboard suggested.

    If I upgraded it would be to a better processor than that one even supports.

    I have no illusions that this would suddenly allow me ultra high res / high graphics play on the latest and greatest games.

    So, wouldn't what I want to do suit me for now?
  12. Yes, it would; the config you posted will work - probably. I see your reasoning but I don't agree with it.
    Since money is a critical consumable, and since the components will still be there next week. I would simply get the mobo now and try it with what I have - maybe save a bunch MORE money if it works.
    But....that's me :)
  13. Fair enough, our ends our different. But if you were to hypothetically agree with mine, what components would you go with in the low budget range?
  14. ^Echoing Mosox - a good UK shopper:
    Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P, nForce 630a
    Definitely get the xigmatek
    Xigmatek NRP-PC402 400W ATX 2.3
    Sapphire Radeon HD 5670
    Good work, mosox!
  15. Wow thank you, that is spot on upgrade wise. My thanks to both of you :)
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