Which cooler for me?

Hey guys,

Just recently built my system packing an AMD phenom II x4 965 BE. Currently using stock cooler after having bad experiances with the arctic cooler freezer 7 pro after it died on me and am wanting to upgrade to a better one. My CPU is not overclocked, but i may in the future when i become more expierianced and less scared of doing so. Any CPU coolers you guys would recomend? I was thinking either the Coolermaster V8 or V6 GT or Corsair A70, but was not sure if any would fit in my Antec 300 case.
Any tips/recomendations?

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  1. i know the V6 GT will fit and has had real good reviews.

    the Corsair A70 is overpriced for its performance

    don't know much about the V8

    the coolermaster 212+ is a great budget cooler and you can get it for $25 at microcenter.com
  2. Ahh thanks man. Another viable option is the Corsair H50 any thoughts on that? I will look more towards the 212+ and V6 GT then :)
  3. its over priced like its big brother and the CM 212+ performs better for 40% less
  4. Any budget for the cooler?
  5. http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=544&Itemid=62&limit=1&limitstart=13

    The H50 runs about 5C hotter than the better coolers listed on the above link.
  6. I don't think the V6 or V6GT would fit in a 300 it's only 8.1" wide.
    I have a buddy with a CM690II which is 8.4" wide and the V6GT just fits.
    The V6's in either form are 165mm tall, taller then most coolers which are 155-160mm.
    As already mentioned the 212+ is a great cooler for@$30.
    The V8 is an average cooler and was overpriced when first released.
    And i think the Corsair A70 is a very good cooler for @$50 beats the V8 cost the same and comes with two fans.
    The A70 is pretty close to the V6GT performance wise and cost $20 less.
  7. another vote for CM 212+
  8. Add another for CM Hyper212+, running on a Q9550 @ 3.91 ghz and a 955 BE @4.0 ghz
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