Maxtor One Touch III

My computer con't see the devise. Where can I get an updated driver?
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  1. The driver for most external hard drives (including the (Maxtor OneTouch III) is built in to Windows (Microsoft generic mass storage driver), provided you are running Windows XP or later.

    Sometimes Windows fails to assign a drive letter for an external drive, which means it's not visible to the Windows shell, but it is visible to the "Disk Management" console, from where you can manually assign a drive letter to that drive:

    Control Panel > Computer Management > Disk Management

    In the bottom-right pane, find the ribbon which relates to the "missing" drive (it will have no drive letter, no device name, and usually says "Raw" for the partition type.

    Right-click it and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths".
    Click "New"
    Select a drive letter from the drop-down box.
    Click "Next" or "Continue, or "OK" (can't remember which of those three appears in the dialog box but click whichever you see).
  2. Hi, phil22

    Thanks, much: IT WORKED GREAT... because I was trying the "driver replacement" approach and coming up with nothing...

    did "what you said" and my maxtor external drive showed up on my "acer aspire one notebook"

    I needed it there... as my ASUS gaming laptop went down... don't have the repair disk close by...BUT HAD A PRETTY COMPLETE iso/vhd backup of the asus on the maxtor ext drive ...needed data files off that...

    which after I got the maxtor ext drive to show up on my notebook: I could access my ASUS stuff by "mounting" each partition with a drive letter... with "gizmo" (that's a great mounting program)...

    my tip to you: try "fences" free program (can get at cnet downloads)...for creating desktop "frames" for all your icons on the win desktop...(multiple frames, transparency, size, color... variations...fantastic for "organizing win desktop icons/shortcuts, when you have: like a hundred of them on there...much better than creating multiple desktop folders...

    that's the best program discovery I've made this year...

    thanks again (for your perfect solution)

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