Help Flashing BIOS on Foxconn motherboard

Hi. I'm worried most about flashing the bios. I'm installing AMD Athlon II x2 245 AM3 on a FoxConn M61PMV motherboard. I've already created a drdos.img file that includes my upgraded bios file. All I need now is to create the bootable disk from the IMG file. Right? I don't need to convert it to ISO file?

Ok. now. I should be getting the motherboard, cpu and all other parts today. My question is. My FoxCONN M61PMV motherboard has CMOS jumpers and when you turn the PC on, it has a "Super BIOS Protect" feature. Do I need to disable both of those or can I just disable the Super Bios Protect and that be enough?

Ok, and in my motherboard manual, it says to take the Jumper off pins 2,3 and put it on 1,2 briefly and then put it back on 2,3 and then start the computer again. Is that how to disable the Bios protection? Thanks. It's from the CMOS jumpers ?
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  1. Thanks for nothing........ass-holes
  2. If anyone wants to know, you can put a AMD Athlon AM3 CPU on a Foxconn AM2+/AM2 motherboard. It works just fine after you flash the bios. It's super fast too.
  3. hello, i know this post is old.. but has your athlon am3 held up well since this post?? I have a foxconn m61pmv board, and would like to upgrade the processor to a am3 at somepoint, though i am unsure how to begin the process to let the mobo support an am3 cpu...
  4. Hey, dude. Please tell me how to flash a bios. The Foxconn website fucking sucks dick. :(
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