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what is the best video graphics card for a t5212 emachine?
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  1. Oh dear, e-machines are well known for very weak PSU's, not to mention the fact that you probably have on one of the Pentiun "D's" and 1G RAM< since I don't know what kind PSU you got ,and to be conservative, a 8600 GT or ATI equal, if the PSU is closer to 250-300W you could go with a a 8800GT or ATI equal

    Is that your PC?
    It not mentioned about PSU, i guess it has a cheap and low PSU, so open your case and see it for yourself...

    My best bet is HD4670 DDR3...
  3. E-machines used to use their OWN PSU, what a pain to get a bigger one
  4. ^
    Oh yeah, i forgot about that...
    But for that machine, even 4670 will be bottleneck by his cpu...
  5. probably
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