Celeron e3300 not seen as a dual core cpu !

Hi guys
when talking about celeron cpu,s the saying " mud sticks" comes into mind... we all know the previous generation of celeron processors were pretty slow however the wolfdale Exxx series are totally different and should not be compared to the old series
recently i ran a check at "system requirements lab "( http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/ ) and wanted to see if my pc would be powerful enough to run "assassins creed 2 " ... however it recognized my celeron E3300 as a single core cpu and thus failed the check..... as we all know the celeron E3300 along with enough ram (2gb) and a compatible graphics card (dx9 or better ) would be able to run this game granted at medium detail

ive contacted Husdawg who run this service however im still waiting for a reply.... hopefully they may update the requirments lab to support the latest processors
as i said the name celeron will allways be associated with the most basic processors ( along with the amd semprom ) so it may be a good idea for intel to rebadge the celeron brand,this can be another thread, however what about "intel basecore E3300" or "intel procore E3300" ... anything but celeron....
anyway heres some idea,s .... vote for the one you like ...
please vote !
take care guys
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  1. Do as ATI guys do, change the name j/k
    Yea, its up to them to discern this
  2. If you add "celeron : don't change it" to your options, I will vote.

    However, intel has already retired the celeron name. The low end icore processors are named "Pentium"
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