Will I be sorry with this rig? Comments please - purchasing tomorrow



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: graphics/video editing, some gaming, application development

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: CPU: scored the i7-930 for $199 at Microcenter, LCD: have a 25" HDMI 1920x1080, speakers/sub, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, TigerDirect, anyone else cheap & reliable


PARTS PREFERENCES: None - just parts that work together!

OVERCLOCKING: Yes - I'm sure I'll try it

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: SLI Only if a new game comes out that my rig can't handle


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like a quiet PC

I'm going to pull the trigger on this rig today or tomorrow. Any $-savings or suggestions from this group without adding more than $100 to this build? For just a few dollars more I can switch out the case from the Cooler Master 690 to the Antec 900 or the Lian Li Lancool PC-K62. Is the additional $ worth it? I'm also thinking about breaking the SSD/Case combo and going with the cheaper Intel X25-M (saving $90) or OCZ Vertex 2 (saving $140) because I've been told to only put Windows 7 and a few programs on it...what do you think? I also need either a preferred casual gaming wireless keyboard/mouse or a wired set if I HAVE to - heard the 2.4Ghz wireless can interfere with the my wireless networking? Rec's?

Here is my rig and cost after rebates - with shipping, total is $1,307 (adding the CPU & LCD I already have makes this a $1,685 rig):
MOBO/VIDEO/RAM: ($590) Asus GTX 470, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, OCX Gold DDR3 1600 Link
CASE/SSD: ($379) Cooler Master CM690, OCZ Vertex 2 120GB Link
PSU: ($100) XFX Black Edition 750W Link
CPU COOLER: ($35) Scythe SCMG-2100 Link
STORAGE DRIVE: ($75) Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TBLink
DVD: ($24) ASUS 24X DVD Link
WIRELESS N: ($15) Zonet USB 2.0 Link
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  1. I haven't heard good things about the XFX PSU, try a corsair 650HX.

    The 470 isn't really that good, try the 460, not as much power but overclockable, modest power usage, not as hot and noiseless (pretty much).

    Titan Fenrir CPU Cooler, best in class.

    Try Kingston SSD's instead of OCZ, they are generally rated better.
  2. Oh and with regards to the mouse/keyboard issue. There are gaming mice/keyboards that are wireless but as you say, they can often be interfered with by other 2.4GHz sources. Wired generally tends to be the standard for gaming peripherals so you may have to go that way if your heart is set on gaming stuff.
  3. xfx are just like corsairs in terms of quality and reliability because they r made by seasonic
    the scythe is an amazing bang for the buck
    and as said earlier the gtx 460 is a better buy. if oced it can = the 470
    avoid ocz ram especially for intel build's they have huge problems with compatability i would recommend g.skill's pi 6gb 1600mhz cl7 @1.5v
  4. Don't get OCZ RAM.
    Get either g skill pi 6gb kit 1600 cas 7 or corsair XMS 3

    Pi doesn't work with scythe mugen though. That thing block 2 RAM slots.

    Can also just grab cheapest sata optical you can find and save a few bucks.

    Hold off on SSD for a few months. Major price shift inc.
  5. Griffolion said:
    I haven't heard good things about the XFX PSU, try a corsair 650HX.

    That XFX is currently top rated PSU ever on Jonny guru.
  6. Must have been an older version of the PSU or something, i remember reading a review of it in Custom PC and it only scored 70% in their stability tests when you really shouldn't be considering anything less than 100% for stability, something which the Corsair HX series all did in their testing.

    But different people to different things.
  7. Thank you. I will look at this other RAM and see if I can find another combo with this MOBO (if everyone agrees the board is good for this build!) If I switch out the RAM, I'll have to break that wonderful MOBO/RAM/Vid combo which saved me $100+ This RAM will seriously not be compatible with this MOBO and the i7-930 or is this a preference for better OC compatibility? Also, all the bench's I've read show the 470 way outperforming the 460 (if you can keep it cool). I haven't OC'ed in the past (but willing to learn!). Would I need to add an additional vid cooler to the 460 if I OC it?
  8. You can just get other combo deals That one is only $35 in combo savings.
    Pairing that GPU with an optical saves you $23 for ex.

    jonnyguru does the most extensive PSU testing in the industry and are considered the top word on PSU's.

    @griff Think you're thinking of wrong PSU.

    Per Custom PC

    Like its higher-rated 850W sibling, the 750W Black Edition flew through the stability tests with ease... The 750W XFX Black Edition power supply is great value for money. If you’re in the market for a 700-799W PSU then it should be at the top of your shopping list.

    Magazine Issue # 83, Page 7
  9. I just got the UD3R and am very pleased with it, also got the same awesome deal on the 930, nice job.
    I would suggest the X25M if it's in your budget, I've found the 80GB is a great size for a boot drive and the performance is awesome.
  10. here
    you can see a gtx 460 1gb oced can beat the 470 in some benches and looses against it in some benchmarks the difference is only 1-5 fps is that worth a $100??

    also it's easy to oc your graphic card just download an overclocking tool like msi afterburner or riva tuner download fur benchmark oc the gpu and test it
  11. The issue with your comparison is that:
    1: Overclock potential is never guaranteed.
    2. Guru 3d uses 3rd party drivers to do their extreme OC's. Voids warranty, and may fry your card.
    3. Even then, you should be comparing it to GTX 470 OC numbers. The difference there is ~16% for a ~$70 price increase.

    That's about the same a 5850 vs 5870 difference in both price and performance.

    It does equate to a 30% price increase for a 16% performance increase, but that's pretty standard for the industry.

    TLDR: Can't compare OC bench's vs non OC bench's. OC vs OC comparison nets a price/performance difference on par with rest of industry.
  12. If I did go the 460 route, who make the best 460 board? Is there one you recommend? Banthracis, are you rec'ing I stay with the 470?
  13. 470 and 460 use same boards.

    460 is good price/performance, but it does not max out every game at 1920 x 1080. If you define smooth gameplay as 40 fps avg (higher end of industry definition), then the gtx 470 just makes it in intensive games like crysis.

    a 460 would need an 18% performance increase to hit 40fps.

    In addition, the 460 is a much worse CUDA GPU than the 470.
    336 CUDA cores vs 448.
  14. Based on this info, is the consensus that the 470 is worth the $100 more? Or, mrhoshos96, have you been able to oc your 460 to get an acceptable gameplay in these more intense games? Thank you all again!
  15. +1 Avoid OCZ Rams and also:
    For higher end Fermi 470/480 : no respectable reviewer has stated these as better buys than HD 5850/5870 and since u have a healthy budget hit the latter?
  16. go for the gtx 460 it's a very good card for the money in all the games(except metro 2033 which the only card that can max it out is the 5970) benchmarks it scores 30fps+ which is great because the human eye can't see more than 30fps.

    also read this if u want to oc

    if u live in cold enviroment you can oc very well.

    also using afterburner you can set profiles for gaming and profiles for everyday use

    one small note: if u have the money and want to get the 5850/5870 and don't care about the money difference get them.
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  18. I'm assuming since the primary usage of this system is video and graphical editing the OP wants CUDA, which takes ATI out of the picture.
  19. I am going for the 470 mainly because of this combo deal and the fact that with current drivers they = the 5870.
    280 for card Metro 2033 and Just Cause 2.
  20. Actually latest drivers from both companies, puts the 470 far behind the 5870 @1920x1080, with the exception of Farcry 2, but that's always heavily favored Nvidia architecture.

    470 vs 5870
    112 vs 121
    5870 ahead by 8.0%

    Bad Company 2
    44 vs 51
    5870 ahead by 15.9%

    Dirt 2
    62 vs 76
    5870 ahead by 22.6%

    Far cry 2
    71 vs 59
    470 ahead by 20.3%

    Metro 2033
    21vs 23
    5870 ahead by 9.5%

    58 vs 73
    5870 ahead by 25.9%

    Crysis warhead
    42 vs 45
    5870 ahead by 7.1%

    101 vs 109
    5870 ahead by 7.9%

    Outside Far Cry 2, 5870 is ahead by 14.6% average.
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  22. Thank you - I pulled the trigger on this system last week. FYI, I ended up going with the Asus GTX 470 since it was on sales for $269AR - couldn't pass it up. I bought the CM690 case with lots of extra fans and the corsair H50 liquid cooler to keep everything frosty. I also bought the XFX black 750W modular, the G.Skill PI 6GB, the OCZ Vertex 2 120GB for my boot drive, the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R, a pair of Spinpoint 1TB (going to Raid 0 them) for storage, the Vantex UGT-CR905 internal card reader, and a cable sleeving kit. Hopefully, I'm not missing anything!
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