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I have a B2 P8P67 DELUXE which I wanted to get swapped for a B3 edition. On the 12th of April I filled out the form here: http://asus.co.uk/sandybridge_swap/
I have still not received a response from them, only a confirmation e-mail saying this:

Thanks for taking part in our Sandy Bridge B3 Swap Program, your information has now been submitted to our service team, our representative will contact you to arrange collection of your motherboard shortly.

ASUS UK Service Manager

I have waited 3 weeks. How long do these people take to respond to e-mails? Has anyone here got their motherboard replaced? How long did you have to wait?
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  1. They are doing the swaps chronologically. If you were one of the late buyers, you could be last in line. Asus ph. # is in the back of your manual if you want to call them, however, I'll bet you are coming up next week if you were last to buy.
  2. Hehe I got a response from them finally ^^
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