How are systems built to be quiet like brand names?

On all the systems I've built (not many), I notice that they are significantly louder than brand name computers.

I'm in the process of building one, and I'd definitely like to have this one run very quiet but I don't want to invest in some super cooling system like water cooling.

Just regular fans... how do the brand name companies manage to run them so quietly? You can barely hear it.
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  1. They usually use their own CPU coolers (a big source of noise, especially stock AMD/Intel ones) that are a bit quieter but don't drain the heat as well. Also, they either use really low running fans in their case bays or none at all sometimes.

    The same goes for their PSU's. There are ultra quiet low RPM fans you can get, but they don't do much airflow and are designed for use in low powered systems not putting out much heat.
  2. They don't use stock fans. A good fan can give the same CFM with half the noise.

    Liquid cooling isn't quieter than air, both noise levels depend on how loud the fans they use are. Well, pump for water too.
  3. On my last built I bought an expensive (for a fan) thermaltake cpu fan and it still sounds like a small vacuum.
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