Should I invest in a 100gb+ SSD on a budget build?

First off, I really appreciate whoever takes the time to read and answer this. c:

So I'm planning on a first-time $650 Gaming build, and so far what I've come up with is around $600. Therefore, if I decide to buy an SSD to boot my OS and place other favorite-programs/files on it, I've been told it should be at least 128gb. The thing is, that would really boost up my price on my kind of budget. I mean, I can do it, but at a cost.

I have four questions.

1) Is a good 60gb SSD good enough to boot just Windows 7 on? Because many say that it isn't. If it is, would I be able to also put on, say... One, two, or three of my favorite games? If so, move on to question 3.

2) If it isn't, or barely is, or will become worse over time, is investing in a higher priced and capacity SSD worth it, or should I wait and save up? I know it would be a luxury at my budget, but wouldn't it be an investment? I would always be fast no matter what upgrades I make or how old it gets (within reason)? If so, move on to question 4.

3) Which around 60gb SSD would you recommend? Not sure about price.

4) If it is worth it, which SSD would you recommend? I'm really only wanting to spend $80, but if I must for this investment, I'll reluctantly go up to around $120.

*TLDR*: Is a 60gb SSD fine for a boot drive? If yes, which SSd should I get? If not, which higher-end SSD should I get?

Thank you so much for answering this!
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  1. 1. 60gb SSD is recommended if you only need to boot Windows 7. Windows 7 will not take more than half of the SSD so I think you should be able to put games in.

    That's all I can tell you because I don't know which SSD you should get, as I don't want to make you spend money on something that I'm not sure about. Cheers.
  2. I've been seeing multiple 120GB SSD's in the $55-$70 price range on sale recently. So you can get your 120GB SSD and be UNDER budget. The answer is simple.
  3. Also, 60GB's with Windows installed leaves room for 2 large games plus a few minor ones. I've had this setup with my flash drive for 1-2 years now. I just uninstall the games I don't want. Eventually, you could just invest in a storage platter drive in the future. No biggy.
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    Having a SSD for boot makes the boot process much quicker, but just think about the load speeds if you had the room to add all your apps to the SSD as well.
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  6. On a budget build like this, i would forgo an SSD outright and sink the money into the GPU.

    IMO you should get a 128GB SSD at minimum. Formatting and installing Windows to a 60GB one will take at least half of the capacity, and your important programs will take up the rest. Considering that SSD's perform better when they have some capacity left, you are better off leaving a good amount of space on the drive.
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