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Hello, I built a system around a supermicro P4SC8 mobo. I used a PS2-only keyboard. When I rebooted after 36 months I noticed that some of the keyboard keys are not working. In particular, the shift, backspace, caps lock and Del, but also some letters. I cursed the keyboard [which was new] and plugged in a Logitech [ps2 and usb] - with the exact same results. Tried the usb connector but this was disabled. Managed to get into bios using the Del key on the numeric keypad, so I enabled the usb keyboard. I now have both keyboards plugged in; both have selective key loss, they are predominantly the same [including ‘y’], but each is missing some keys that are available on the other. Unplugging one has no effect on the other. So, what could be causing this selective key loss - under xp. Thanks for any help.

Incidentally, the usb mouse also gives up periodically, so I now have a ps2 one plugged in also.
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  1. Driver issue? Anything abnormal showing in Device Manager?
  2. device manager shows nothing unexpected, and recognizes that both kboards are now connected.
  3. Do the keyboards work on another computer?
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