W7 hangs when 2nd HDD is connected, OS installed to 1st HDD

Ok i have a problem where my computer does not get passed through the Windows 7 "STARTING WINDOWS" when my second harddrive is connected. But when it is disconnected it gets passed through easily. I have also noticed a big drag on the bios also when i connect the 2nd HDD. They are both old Seagate barracudas 750gb 7200rpm. Do you guys have any ideas what might be causing this?

I have a ta870+
Phenom ii 973 quad core 2.8ghz unlocked (was a phenom ii x3 b73)
g skill 4gb(1) 1300mhz
kingwin 700watt
dlink dwa 552
xfx hd radeon 6950 (flashed to a 6970)
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  1. Hi there,

    Was the 2nd HDD set up as a boot drive with another copy of Win-XP, or Vista, or Win-7 on it?

    First, make sure your boot drive (Win-7) is plugged into the PCH (intel) SATA_0 port, and the second HDD say SATA_2 or _3, if your DVD is on SATA_1.
    Then in the BIOS make sure the Hard drive is chosen as the first boot item, and under HDDs, the boot drive is selected, since you have two of them.

    Report back
  2. Yeah i have just tried that right now thanks but im still getting stuck on the "starting windows" screen, i have also tried popping in my W7 OS install CD to format the HDD but it does not get through either. It gets stuck at the same screen after the windows 7 components off the cd are being loaded. Im thinking about getting a USB connector for the HDD and checking it out then. But if you guys have any ideas, FIRE AWAY! and also yes i believe this HDD was set up as a BOOT drive, my friend gave my this one after he had just replaced it with a 500gb seagate barracuda. The symptons this HDD had didnt seem like any hardware failure so i kept it and tried it, but now im thinking otherwise
  3. try the system with the second drive only to see if you get a post and find if there is a os on it
  4. Yeah i believe it has windows 7 also (My friend didnt even bother to do anything to fix it, just thought to get a new one) and with just the 2nd one it also doesnt get past "starting windows", im pretty sure its the 2nd one becuase at this moment im currently using my first one
  5. Hi again,

    There are 6 stages in the StartUp process from POST to the desktop screen. If you are getting to the "Starting Windows" screen, but not to the LogOn screen, then there are several things you can try to get it up and running.

    First, just after the splash screen click on F8 several times to get to the Advanced Options, and run "StartUp Repair". It may correct the problem. At the bottom of the dialog box, it will give you the root cause & repair steps it took.

    If that didn't work, try the "Last Known Good" configuration
    If no luck, try a System Restore Point, to when it last booted properly.

    Possibly that can get you going.
  6. for the second drive could you put it in a external box and connect as usb start the system then conect to it so you will be able to format from this drive to erase the os on
  7. yes that is what i was exactly thinking ima try it out but ima first get get an a box or ima get the external cables from a friend

    and john_vanKirk thanks but it still doesnt get pass though any of the stages you have told me to do
  8. Make sure you get to the Recovery Environment, F8 for the Advanced Options, just after the splash screen, and choose StartUp Repair. What does it tell you after it runs?

    The next step is to again go to the Advanced Options F8, and choose Safe Mode. Try to boot in safe mode and see if you can get to the desktop.

    Report back.
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