Overclock the nForce 730i GeForce 9300 GPU

Hello. I have nForce 730i GeForce 9300 GPU and I can overclock the GPU clock to 700 Mhz

The original clock is 450 Mhz

However, the shader clock is at 1200Mhz, and I would like to overclock it to 1400Mhz

Anybody has experience overclocking this GPU?

I already tried Nvidia NTune (I get a blue screen when I want to accept the software license) and RivaTuner (it gives me no option to overclock)

GPU-Z shows the GPU clock at 700Mhz and the shader clock at 1200Mhz

Thanks in advance
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  1. Well, not sure how much you could push the card, but i think it's not worth to OC 9300...
  2. Well I overclocked the card with 6.02_nvidia_system_tools.exe

    Now, everything is ok, GPU clock is 700 Mhz and Shader clock is 1400 Mhz

    However, I will appreciate if someone can check the screenshots

    the shader clock is not applied automatically, and the GPU clock neither

    That software from Nvidia is not working correctly, as soon as the computer loads, the software should overclock the shader and the GPU clock automatically , but it fails

    I'll appreciate any response

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