AMD Phenom II X3 740

Well, I've decided to upgrade my CPU, My mobo sadly cannot take a AMD Phe II x4 955 of which I would of liked, but I had found this triple core to be near as good.

Anyway, I am looking to purchase it in UK, however I cannot find any place which sells them... Anyone able to suggest a place?

If not, Would I be able to have a friend purchase one from USA then send me it? And it would work fine?

Thanks, Any feedback appriciated.
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  1. Does not matter where in the world you buy it, it will work.
  2. Maybe a bit late but I found your thread because I'm also thinking of buying two in the uk, hope this helps man
    *edit, just realised this is the 720 sorry :(
  3. By the way over at newegg in the USA for 24 hours the 740 is $20 off right now.
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