[DDR3] 6GB @1600MHz x 12GB @1333MHZ

For gaming which config is better [DDR3] 6GB @1600MHz or 12GB @1333MHZ?
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  1. 6GB is plenty enough for gaming.. Also, considering a gaming rig will surely employ CPU overclocking, 1600 MHz memory set is ideal..
  2. Thanks for your reply Emperus.

    Actually I have 3 memories kits of 6GB each (3x2GB) -- I can use just 2 kits tough. The kits are DDR3 1600MHz, ´low latency´ 8 8 8 24.

    When I use it with 12GB, I downclock the memories to 1333MHz, but I use a more agressive timings 7 7 7 21.

    The difference I feel is that with 12GB it appears to be a bit more smooth, but I haven´t undertaken any test to confirm it.

    Anyone out there have knowledge of any test/review on this, and how it could impact the performance?

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    There's a gain with 'some' games 6GB vs 8GB+ and in practice the 1600 CAS 8 is faster then 1333 CAS 7, and if those kits are Dominator {CMP6GX3M3A1600C8} then try OC 1800 MHz CAS 8/9. Better than some benches ;)

    Good article ->,2778-8.html

    Any OC of RAM greater than Rated always test with Memtest86+.

    Theoretical Frequency vs CAS Timing Chart.
  4. if ur considering gaming, dont buy RAM with the priority on SIZE... buy ones with higher speed... ther are reasons why there are 4 gb sticks pack cost well over £150 thats over $300 for u americans.
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