Win 7 and BIOS won't recognize the hard drive

Here is the story:

A few days ago my sister's computer was shut down accidentally and since then the desktop (Inspiron 560 I think) won't boot up (it's stuck in BIOS).
I took my parent's desktop (Compaq CQ2014 I believe) to see what is wrong with my sister's computer.
I put my parents' hard drive in her computer and everything boot up smoothly. I thought she needed a new hard drive.
I turn it off, return my parent's hard drive, boot up their computer and same I see the same problem as with my sister's computer. The hard drive is not recognized.

During the whole process I also tried to remove the BIOS jumper and the battery to initialize all of the features.
Now I took both drives and I'm trying to connect them to my computer.
My desktop won't start if I try to connect the hard drives when the PC is off. However, once the windows is up, I can connect them and I hear them spinning.
However, It seems like the windows can't recognize them.

I don't think both hard drives will go to the garbage... I'm pretty sure at least my parents' must work. I think my sister's computer made both hard drives faulty or got some error on them that now Win 7 or BIOS won't recognize both.

Anybody knows what I can do? perhaps I can run some app that will recognize the hard drives and will try to fix them?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. A HDD model number might help ...
  2. fzabkar said:
    A HDD model number might help ...


    One HDD is
    I can't find the model number
    Perhaps this:
    Other info on the HDD tag:
    S/N: 5VMR828D
    P/N: 9YP142-516

    The second HDD is
    Model: HDS721050CLA662

  3. The Seagate ST3500413AS is a 7200.12 model. It could be that it has head or media problems that prevent it from coming ready.

    It may only be a post mortem exercise, but you could at least obtain a terminal report from the drive. This may tell us more about the nature of the fault. Don't write anything to the drive, though.

    Seagate 7200.11 BSY bug and 0 LBA fix:
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