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I've been looking around the web for a sensible answer to my question; but, I have failed to find one. So, the problem is: My old Motherboard has failed, got a second one and it failed after a week or so, too. Simultaniously I've been trying to upgrade my system... The main problem is that I have a RAID1 on my system, and I'm wondering if there are any new Motherboards with the same RAID controller, The old Motherboard is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, I think it's an Intel controller. My Question: Is there any new motherboard; for the new Sandy Bridge Processors, that have the same RAID controller, or one that is cross-compatible, so I can just use the old hard drives and their corresponding arrays?... It will be the only thing I'll be using of the "new" system.
Your help is appreciated. Thank you...
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  1. Intel controllers are backward compatible. I believe you could even move a RAID 1 from ICH5R, which is very old to ICH10R. The EP45-UD3R and the Sandy Bridge motherboard use the same Intel Matrix Storage drivers.
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