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CPU temperature suddenly increased double

I tried reformatting my computer after noticing that my cpu's average temperature went from 40 celsius to high 60s. I thought this was due to a virus I had gotten recently. After reformatting, I noticed that the cpu temperature is still in the high 60s and even reaching 70 celsius.

I have the Intel Core i3 530 clarksdale cpu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Time to check airflow: filters, fans, & settings. If the thermal paste is old - its a good time to replace it.
  2. Fan settings seem normal, and the airflow seems good.

    I opened the case and cleaned off some of the dust on the fans, then inspected the cpu. After taking off the cpu heatsink, I noticed that almost all the factory supplied thermal paste is gone, so I'm guessing that this might be the reason for the unusually high cpu temperature.

    Here are 2 pictures (Click to zoom in for a better look):

    ^the back of the cpu

    ^bottom of cpu heatsink

    There doesn't appear to be any visible damage to the hardware components, but please tell me if there is something I should be worried about other than replacing the thermal paste.

    Oh and I'm also curious to know if replacing the thermal paste with Arctic Silver AA-1.75G Thermal Compound would bring the CPU temps back down to the 38-42 Celsius range I was getting before..

    Thanks in advance.
  3. See how there is a spot on the heatsink where the thermal paste is still raised? It looks to me like it was never seated properly. I would simply clean, re-apply the thermal paste, and reseat the heatsink.
  4. Well, I bought arctic silver 5 thermal compound, and cleaned off the old thermal compound pretty well with the arctic silver cleaning kit. I followed the directions off the arctic silver website, and my cpu temperature went from 55 Celsius to now 64 Celsius from startup (idle temperatures).

    Is this normal? It seems to have stopped increasing at 64 Celsius, but does this mean that my cpu might be damaged? I figured out how to set the heatsink back on top of the cpu properly, and the thermal paste seems to have been put on properly. I guess I'll wait and see throughout the break-in period (200 hrs.), but any additional advice or feedback is appreciated.

    edit: Now it's averaging 66+ Celsius at idle.. so I'm pretty much back to square one, and I'm getting the feeling that I might be needing a new cpu soon..
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    Even for load that would be way too hot. I wouldn't run it that hot for an extended period for fear of damaging the CPU in the long run.

    There is something wrong with your setup that needs to be resolved.
    -Double check that all pins are tight and secure: those intel HSFs can be a bugger to get right.
    -check the temperatures with your case open. If they are much lower, then there is an issue with case venting
    -Are you overclocked? get rid of the overclock. or get an aftermarket cooler.
    -did you put too much thermal compound on?
  6. Well, I downloaded Real Temp, and the readings show that the core temperatures are at 58 and 57 Celsius, as opposed to the readings I got from the ASUS motherboard programs which showed 63 Celsius.

    I'm planning on buying the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ to see if it will help, but I'm not sure how much of a help it'll be.
  7. You should benefit from a new heatsink. Either the stock had never been secured correctly, or the contacting surface is warped.
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