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There is a ton of memory out there, and there MUST be some way to determine WHAT memory would work BEST with a specific setup. Mine is an: Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 Mobo; an AMD x6 1055T CPU that is running at stock 2.8Ghz. Im using 6Gbps HDs, and take advantage of the USB3 as well. At present, I have only 2) 2Gb sticks of 10333 RAM in this machine. But I am about to add The Adobe Master Suite with Dreamweaver and all the goodies. I was gonna buy 2) 4GB Sticks of 10333 RAM, but thought Id ask you boys what your thoughts were. Sureley there must be some way of determine Exactly which speed RAM works BEST, when considering the CPU Clock Speed, BUS Speed, etc ... Id sure like to know how to figure that out! Thank You Very Much for your Help and Insight! You guys are awesome in your help and knowledge!
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  1. If you want to ADD additional RAM then please post a link to your current RAM that is installed. You 'can' mix the sizes, but you cannot mix the Frequency, CAS Timings, never Voltage and shouldn't mix the 'type' including RAM IC {e.g. use the same Brand}. It's best to purchase is Sets of 2 or 4.

    If you're uncertain of your exact RAM use CPU-Z to identify them ->

    In the furthest right-column are the CAS Timings you want to match; I assume you have 1333 MHz RAM {10333? standards for 1333 MHz are PC3-10666, 10660, & 10600}
  2. One more thing If you are planning to have more than 4GB of ram your OS should be 64bit
  3. Check them out:
    Kingston HyperX series
    Corsair Dominator GT series
  4. if you are adding the 8 gigs to your existing ram, then you need to be careful of the things Jaquith said above. if you are just replacing your old ram with the new 8 gigs then I would get ram with the following specs:
    CAS 7

    Corsair, Crucial, Mushkin, and Gskill are all good vendors. Make sure the ram has heatspreaders
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