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I have come across an insane deal on two of these 5770. Not to get into that so much but local computer lounge/repair shop had some kind of mishap with their order and he had two of these for under 200$!
Anyways there sitting at my house waiting to be put into my rig when the HAF-X decides to come out(15th?)

So I came across some reviews and in CFX mode these cards were beating the 5850 hands down and were comparable to
the 5870 and in some occasions these CF-Xed were right under the 5870/5850 CF-Xed. I hope these benchs are true.

There were a few things I tried to find out. I recently read that these asus cards are better on an asus board (my CH4)
I also found that I shouldn't have any problems with Windows 7 64 bit. This is all speculation as far as I know and
want some real professional opinions to validate my finds.

My plan is 965 C3 125watt, and Asus CH-4. I am getting the HX750 which is over 100watts more w/ plenty of amps. I was wondering, the 5770 only needs one 6pin and the 750 has 4x 8 pin it says. I need to figure if those connections are 6+2 pins.
But there are two problems I found if I get a third one. One is they recommend a "good" 800 watt psu. 2nd I read that
in 3way it actually doesn't perform that much better, actually does worst. I don't know but thats what I read.

Anyways I was wondering what you think about the pair? Like should I return them or just any info you know.
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  1. That's a good deal, and you should keep them.

    As for PSU-wise, the Corsair HX750 will be more than enough for 3. And a 5770 Trifire is very potent; whoever tells you it decreases performance is a bum, unless there's something I don't know.
  2. Your never going to run three of that model. The cucore 5770 has only 1 crossfire pcb connector. You would have to run a model with two connectors as your second card.
  3. Nice deal! $200 for 2 x 5770's. Right on.
  4. Hey Salt City, good deal, I got two of those cards for 149 each. You are saving a 100 bucks almost. I am running them in a mATX setup with a HX650 from Corsair. The power connectors are 6+2. I don't think 750 would be any different. Notty is right, you can not do triple CF since there is only one CF connector.

    I removed that black plastic cover, and reapplied thermal paste too, I am not too happy with the temps of it but in that HAF-X you should be fine.
  5. notty22 said:
    Your never going to run three of that model. The cucore 5770 has only 1 crossfire pcb connector. You would have to run a model with two connectors as your second card.

    Oh yeah I read that, theres only room for one CFX connector. Well two is going to be good for a while. I think having two of these is better even at regualr price. Cause it will be a lot easier raising another 150 for a third instead of pulling up 300+ for a second 5850.

    Anyways thanks for this info so far. I couldn't believe it when he showed me them, I was talking to him about getting an
    Asus 5850 or 5870 after he took in the back and showed me them, he got them yesterday. Well at 200 I saved a
    good 75-100 bucks.
  6. Guru 3d did a review on the reference 5770's in crossfire and Tri-fire t. They are the one's that reported the 'bad findings'. The third card did not scale in some of the games.
  7. You could buy a different 5770 and use that as the middle card.
  8. Thats one of the reviews I read. The CuCore does only have one spot so I would need a different brand with two spots in the middle like you said. 3 way is probably the highest I will ever go, since I don't plan on it I am sticking with the Asus Crosshair 4.

    The HX750 is pretty good, the reason I get it instead is because I get 30$ combo with the CH4, plus a 20mir, so it ends up being almost 100 cheaper than the 850 and the 650 is cool I just don't think it has enough power.

    The HAF-X, Trident 2000 16000, 212+ w/ 2x CM red led, the stock 212+ fan will go in the air duct, put the optional CM 200 red led up top, G.Skill S-fan on memory, HD cooler on a Seagate 7200.12 1tb and Windows 7 64 bit. I already have a 80mm fan for the vga bracket.
    This is the setup I have planned for my rig. With the 2 5770 its like 1400$.
  9. I have been looking for a good hard drive do you guys know of a good one?? I was looking at the one I said above, then
    I was looking the WD Caviar Black 640gb.
    Which hard drives would you recommend?
  10. Caviar Black is a very good division of WD's drives.
  11. Well the 6gb/s 1tb for 100$ is a Black Caviar, it was the one I figured I would get. That way I would be utilizing my Sata3.
    I don't know if I personally need a whole terabyte but I hell 6gb/s would 2x as fast as any other HD I get.
  12. Terabyte drivers tend to be a bit less stable/reliable. See if you can get a few in RAID or something, though that's an unnecessary complication.
  13. I will probably just get a 500gb Caviar Black. I have a 200gb in my current and there is some left, plus I got a WD 500gb my book or whatever its an external drive with backup software.

    AMD came out with a new 965 right and the older ones use 140watts and the new ones use 125watt correst?
    Is this the right one below:
  14. The C3 125-Watt is the one you want. It has more overclocking headroom, and is generally better.
  15. I just found that Newegg uses HDZ965FBGMBOX instead of the HDZ965FBK4DGM.
    So the one I have is right, you pretty much just don't get the 140 watt.

    I am going to just get the 500gb Black Caviar maybe the 640gb. There with in 5$. so I might as well get the 640gb.
    But I can't wait to get my rig, I heard that the HAF-X is coming out on the 15th this week. Have you guys seen the LEO version or the HAF 932 black edition?? They are sick as hell!!!
  16. Which 5770 would you say is the best out of all the brands?? I plan on a third one but I never figured I would get something that isn't asus.
  17. VAPOR-X is the best 5770 AFAIK that has 2 crossfire connector ports.
  18. Get the Sapphire or XFX branded 5770 because if you read the reviews on the Vapor X edition people have complained about not having a full 800 stream processors and needing to use a USB Flash Drive to upload the extra 50 processors and getting the full performance out of the card. It's just one more hassle to go through when your installing drivers after completing your build, it's really no fun...
  19. I was looking at the Sapphires there are two that look almost identical, here they are:

    I am not going to buy a card based on its warranty, cause I am not going to have a XFX for more than 5 years so
    even a regualr 2-3 is sufficient for me. What I want more is what software, utilities and stuff like that. Thats why I adore
    Asus, with them giving your software to OC, plus encourage it and warrent you to do so.
    But I do need a third card and the Sapphires are what I have been leaning towards.

    I did read about the vapor and the Hawk, they seem to have malfunctions with one thing or another, and people having trouble with the OC software, but that was probably cause they are numb nuts and can't figure there way out a box. So I am not sure what to think about them, I just need something solid.

    WHat do you think of them two?
    Those three have two slots for crossfire. I would choose the VAPOR-X though, do to its superior cooling. The only problem is, as the review stated, you can't volt-mod to heighten your OC, which shouldn't be too much of a problem anyways; the 5770 has a high stock OC.

    This does seem pretty sick. It has the cooling power, Eyefinity, dual dvi, 3 way capable, and overall seems pretty nice.
    I wonder is the Sapphire Drivers any good, and what about the utilities software?

    Wouldn't I be able to flash the card and use the Asus software if the Sapphire program sucks?
  22. I was thinking this over and the CuCores can't 3 way CFX. Even if the third card has a dual connecter, the two
    asus cards have there connector in the same spot so I would only be able to hook to one.
    Then don't 3 way connectors need two connectors per card??

    So if this is true, I might have to sell the CuCores because I really wanted to do 3 way.
    The Sapphire VaporX 100284VXL Eyefinity 5770, this one has been recommended by I think I counted 6 different people throughout several places. It is ideal, I am just worried that the drivers and software will be inferiour to the Asus's
    smart doctor, gamer OSD, and Splendid.

    I can easily sell these and get my moneys worth. Pretend I didn't have these, would you even recommend them over the
    Sapphire above??
  23. Best answer
    Forget about 3-way 5770's
    Crossfire 5770's is a powerful combo, if you want more power than that, start with a more powerful card. A 5850.
    I can't find any tri fire 5770's to prove that combination out.
  24. That is true. I originally only planned on 2 way cause I thought 3 way would be a buggy and not show any performance, but, then i was told then showed that 3 way would be an extreme machine.

    The weird thing is someone told me that if I got a third card w/ 2 connectors I could do three way with the CuCores.
    But I don't understand how that would work.

    Anyways, the three way thing might just be out of question, unless I can sell these for a good profit and get something better, but I probably won't waste my time.
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