Im building my first computer, is it worth it?

Im thinking on building my own computer, i enjoy working with computers but never built one before. I was just wondering cost wise, if it will benifit me or should I just buy a ready made computer. Here's what components I shall be using:

1)ASUS P7P55D LE P55 ATX Motherboard - 1156 socket

2)CASE FAN Ultra-quiet LED Case Fan - 120mm

3)INTEL Core i5-750 Processor

4)JEANTECH Unicorn ATX Tower System Case

5)CIT 850W Black Edition PC Power Supply Unit

6)Corsair memory 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair DDR3 PC3-10666 (1333) Non-ECC Unbuffered

7)Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black 3.5" SATA6GB/S 7200rpm 64MB, with cables

8)Gainward GeForce GT 240 585Mhz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI

9)LG CH08 Internal SATA BD-ROM/DVD Rewriter Drive

The total of all these components is 630 pounds. Please tell me is it worth building a computer, or buying one with same or similar spec.

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  1. What are you going to be using the system for? Looking at it we can probably help you pick out some more reasonable parts, especially regarding that PSU, 2 28A rails gives it 56A at best which would be good for a 700W unit, but not for an 850W unit and its also extremely cheap for an 850W unit which tells me something probably isnt right with it, it costs only half as much as a good 550W unit.

    If you post your max budget and your intended usages we can help you put together one that doesnt have strange trade offs like a crappy 850W unit and a GT 240.
  2. Just to provide some might not save a whole lot building it yourself.

    For me, building my own computer is more of an obsession/hobby than anything else. At first, I did a **** ton of research comparing homebuilds and boutique shops. In the end, my build is only going to save me about 10%-15% over the exact same build at a shop. Not a whole lot considering the countless hours I've spent buying, researching, and laboring over the thing :??:

    BUT thats not what this is about. I've turned into a pc building enthusiast over the past month or so. And I'm loving the hell out of it :na:

    I know this doesn't help provide you an answer to your hardware questions, but thats what the other knowledgable folks at this forum can help you with. My two months of experience doesnt amount to a whole hell of a lot.
  3. At one time or another for many different reasons, all of us decided to build our own computer.

    Advantages: You can tailor the system to your needs and budget. Except at the low end, you may save a little money. You know what parts you have in it.

    Disadvantages: Parts incompatibilities because of poor component selection. The biggest disadvantage, however, is the possibility that the system will not work when you turn it on. And assuming good parts selection, that's not too likely.

    Here's a good guide for building your own:

    And while this is a troubleshooting guide:
    the checklist at the beginning contains a list all of the noobish mistakes that people make when building ( well, all that we have thought of so far :) ).
  4. At a lower budget level, you may want to check out Amd's offerings, I've built a couple of halfdecent gaming rigs this year, both cost under £500 to build,
    but to answer your Op, Yes, you should be easily able to build a better pc for £600 than you would spend £600 on in a shop,
    Like Hunter said, post maximum budget and intended use, We'll see what people can throw together and do read the links Jsc put on, they am handy :)
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