My dvd drive is not recognized by my bios and pc due to virus help

sir please help me from many month my dvd rive is not recognised by windows, when i'm starting my pc it stop during showing the motherboard name after 8 or 9 second windows is starting i have open my bios and it does not show any dvd drive in boot drive. I'm unable to format my hard drive. please help me sir please please.
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  1. Your problem is not likely to have been caused by a virus infection. If the DVD drive is not showing in BIOS Setup, check that the drive's data cable and power cable are properly and firmly connected.

    If that makes no difference, it's possible that the DVD drive may have broken and you need to install a new one.

    If you are referring to a laptop, I once had that problem on my son's laptop and noticed that the DVD drive was protruding slightly from the laptop edge (not the tray, the entire DVD drive itself). This means it is not properly connected inside. I gave it a firm push and that fixed it. But if it's already pushed in properly, you very probably need a new DVD drive.
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