Causes of increased cpu and a drop in fps

ok, so here is my problem and not sure what is really going on. After the latest patch from WOW i logged in and my FPS droped to 20 so i reset the graphics to low and got them back up to 60,then all of the sudden my CPU usage jumped to over 50%. I bought new RAM and installed it and thought ok this should help, wrong. Now the game is locking up at 2.7 FPS stops responding. My system is as follows: Any Help would be greatly appericated

AMD Quad core 9950 2.6 GHz
Patriot RAM DDR2 PC2-6400 8GB
Zelman 90MM Heatsink and fan all copper
XFX ATI Radeon HD5570 GPU

ALL of this in an ANTEC 900 case w/ 4-120mm fans and 1-200mm top fan
CPU is running at raound 40-47C
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    If the 'patch' is the root case then back-up your user files, uninstall WoW and reinstall it. I assume that other games are fine. To rule-out some conflict run MSCONFIG, select Diagnostic and test. To rule-out some virus use ESET -> and use the latest ATI/AMD GPU drivers ->
  2. well after several days of ruling things out i found out what the culprit was, it was my CPU. it went bad for somereason after a year of use. Oh well what a headache this was.
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