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Just curious, did anyone notice 3DMark scores go down with Catalyst 10.5 drivers? I haven't changed anything in my setup other than swapping cards (EAH5770 CuCore) in my CF setup after replacing their thermal paste. For a reference, I used to get close to 19K, now I am getting about 300-400 points less despite better temps... So could 10.5 be the culprit here?
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    No men, it's same result.... But sometimes result varies.... You can't got always same results...

    300-400 points less or up is normal...

    Btw you delete previous driver correctly? (with Driver Sweeper in Safe Mode)
  2. Since my nVIDIA days, I haven't been deleting previous drivers. I install on top. I read a few articles about this and weighed pros and cons, and as I didn't see much performance difference I kept doing it. What do you recommend?
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