My ssd is not detected by bios help

so my corsair force series 3 is suddenly not detected by my mobo(M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 socket -am3)
checked boot devices, and if its RAID IDE AHCI. changed SATA-kables/ports to no victory. this happened suddenly when i wanted to restart my pc (shut down/turn on). i had it on sleep mode 2 days earlier before i did the restart. it detects other disks.
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  1. Assuming that the SSD didn't die and shows up either in the disk mgmt or in a disk repair/recovery program like Recuva, I would try to simplify by resetting the bios to whatever setting you previously used successfully and then disconnecting all other disks before trying to fix it, but first make a system repair disk (type that in the start run box and follow the wizard) then leave that CD in the CD/DVD drive when you start up to repair the SRP/bootloader.

    Once you get it fixed, lose sleep mode -- nothing but problems with SSDs, instead just shutdown your monitors after a reasonable period.
  2. when i woke up after å long sleep i tested the SSD on another pc is this a sign of its death or?
  3. That is a known bug in that drive and there is supposed to be a firmware fix. Take a look at the Corsair SSD forums for information on how to fix it, here is one short post:

    If you can get it working or get a replacement, I strongly suggest not using sleep or hibernate as the firmware update does not fix all the issues with those states.
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