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Decision on CPU: Phenom II x4 945 v 955

Stuck on either purchasing the 945

Or the 955


- If I were to purchase a mobo that can overclock, is there a need to get the 125w Phenom II x4 955 over the 95w Phenom II x4 945?

I know the price difference isn't huge but the TDP is the real issue.

ps New builder so any advice would help
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  1. I am not an expert on overclocking. Have never done it... BUT......

    I do own the 945, and i have been interested in potentially overclocking it.

    What i have been made to understand is that it is technically possible to OC the 945 with the locked multiplier... BUT its quite a bit more technically challenging.

    Whereas the 955 you simply have to adjust the unlocked multiplier to OC it.

    Just my 2 cents... hopefully someone with a whole boatload more experience on the subject can weigh in further.
  2. When you build your own machine basically any motherboard you choose will have the ability to overclock. Some are better than others or course.

    The 945 is out of stock at newegg by the way.
  3. If I were you, i would wait till amd releases their new socket and buy a motherboard that supports it. At least then you have the option to upgrade to their new line of cpu's. It wont be long now...
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    IMO, your not going to see that new socket for months, it might not be released until the desktop BD part is ready. It will also probably carry a new chipset.
    Also, I would choose the BE 955.
    I've read the 945's are now at c3 stepping, but I've never seen o/c reports as good as the 955 results.
  5. Dang, the 955 keeps dropping in price. It went from $155 to $150 and now $144 in about a month? Anyways go with the 955, if u want to overclock, you can just raise the multiplier, which is easy.
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