Question about HD5870's multi screen support

When I bought my 5870 I was hoping to do one of two things:

Either use its HDMI output to connect my computer to my tv so that I could watch movies on it instead of having to stream them through my xbox, or use the surroundview option (my motherboard has an integrated graphics chip as well). I'm running into a snag though. I know that HDMI does both audio and video so, obviously, when I connect my tv to my video card my sound goes to the tv as well as video. When it's connected, even if the tv isn't on, my computer no longer has sound, it just wants to stream it through the tv and the only way to get sound back through my computer speakers is to unplug the HDMI cable, which will become a giant pain.

My other option, or so I thought, was to use surroundview. I couldn't before as I had an nvidia card, but I was hoping it would work out with my new card. Unfortunately, when I tried to enable and get it going, all I got was sound and my desktop wallpaper on my tv. Nothing else.

Any thoughts on how I can get this setup working in either way? The end goal is to be able have sound and picture on the tv when it's on, and have the sound remain on my desktop speakers if I don't want to watch a movie or something from my computer on my tv (if that makes sense at all)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Thanks for the input. It's not Eyefinity though. That is an option but I don't have the proper monitor or something like that. Surroundview is an option that can be accessed in the bios menu but I'm not entirely sure of how get it working properly.

    I'm coming from an nvidia card as well so I'm not so familiar with what all can be done in CCC, so if someone who uses an ATI card knows how to do that what Timop suggested, that would be awesome.
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